Those files are named eth[x] whereas x is the number of the interface that has been assigned to a dedicated port by the system. Possible values and their corresponding combination of per-port parameters: Note that the duration of the moderation interval is to be chosen with care. The Sense mode automatically detects whether the link partner supports auto-negotiation or not. Using jumbo frames can improve throughput tremendously when transferring large amounts of data.

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For two Base-T ports to communicate, one must take the role of the master providing timing informationwhile the other must be the slave. This parameter is a combination of all five per-port marvelll within one single parameter.

Marvell 88E8001 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

During setup of SME it marvelp the card as ‘unknown’ and when I looked thru the list of drivers via the setup programit wasn’t listed. NoneStatic or Dynamic whereas None is the default. DualNet In this mode, ports A and B are used as separate devices.

If an adapter is not set to receive large frames it will simply drop them. BUGS Report any bugs to linux syskonnect. This parameter determines the length of any interrupt moderation interval.

Using jumbo frames can improve throughput tremendously when transferring large amounts of data. CheckSeg Check local port and segmentation: At first glance, selecting a very long duration e. On the other hand, selecting a very short moderation time might compensate the use of any moderation being applied. This parameter is used only if either static or dynamic interrupt moderation is enabled on a network adapter card.


It is valid only for Yukon copper adapters. Possible values for this parameter are in the range of This simplifies the configuration of both ports of an adapter card.

RPM resource sk98lin

If your driver works I would be most grateful for it, however can you also give skk98lin some real simplistic instructions on how to install it, cos to be honest, I don’t have a clue. When queued interrupts are to be served, is determined by the IntsPerSec parameter, which is explained later below.

You can grab it here. Most of the times, their default setting is to support only standard frames with an MTU size of bytes. Does anyone know of a solution to the driver problem?

Usually, the role of a port is negotiated between two ports during link establishment, but if that fails the port B of an adapter card can be forced to a marvepl setting with this parameter. Quite some switches support large frames, but need to be configured to do so.

HalfFull or Both whereas Both is the default. The preferred port is the one that is used if both ports A and B are detected as fully functional.


RPM resource sk98lin

That is, one or more interrupts which indicate any transmit or receive packet to be processed are queued until the driver processes them. Interrupt moderation should be used when the driver has to handle one or more interfaces with a high network load, which—as a consequence—leads also to a high CPU utilization.

Moreover, they are not designed to work where adapters are connected back-to-back. RLMT is turned off.

[ubuntu] Marvell 88e – sky2 and sk98lin doesn’t work.

It denotes also common problems and provides the solution to them. Note that the drawback of using interrupt moderation is an increase of the round- trip-time RTTdue to the queuing and serving of interrupts at dedicated moderation times.

This parameter is ignored if no moderation is applied. If for instance eth0 needs an IP address and a large frame MTU size, the following two commands might be used: Static Interrupt moderation is applied on the adapter card.

Dynamic Interrupt moderation might be applied on the adapter card, depending on the load of the system. Let me know how you go.