[email protected] ASIO DRIVER

Nice card and I got the manual. I can say one thing for sure Nobody knows about this problem? I think this is the driver anyway. I was getting a little pessimistic there. I have no problem playing mp3s.

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Like I said, my card is a Juli and the driver version is 1.

I went into the Sonar options but found that I can’t change the BufferSize setting. Once that is done remove all drivers for all sound cards and reboot.

[email protected] with ASIO in Foobar2000

I was getting a little pessimistic there. I have no idea how to fix this one. Anyways, I’ve found that I get the best results with the latency set to the highest [email protected] in the Juli control panel Thanks Mark 1 19 Replies Related Threads. On the specs alone you should be using WDM.

ESI [email protected] + Foobar + ASIO output = Crash

So I have to leave the system set to SoundMax, and every time I need to use a different audio application I have to change the system setting to Juli. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Does that mean my ASIO isn’t set up properly? Nov 25, at 6: And changing the system setting back to SoundMax doesn’t work without another reboot. Your username or email address: In my excitement to get playing, and the fact my system was already set up to use RCA jacks with my current card, I opted to leave it in it’s default arrangement and left the RCA’s in place.


Nice card and I got the manual. Thanks for letting me know.

To me, this is a very unique, and adio handy feature that could allow this card to work for anyone. Installation of the card was [email protected] simple, I just uninstalled my current card drivers, shut down, removed the card, put in the Juli and fired up the PC.

I also noticed that when using the ASIO drivers, in many recording application they have a shortcut button to open the driver control panel from within the application, rather than clicking on the taskbar icon, a button to which I have become accustomed to use.

My concern is that you have the card set the same in Sonar as you do on the mixer app for it. As soon you have confirmed that it works disable it as the default.

In my case ASIO 2. User Control Panel Log out. I wish Ochtan would update his adio for 0. It does have a limited user base due to the 2 in two [email protected] analog format, as some users want 4 or more ins and outs to record more instruments simultaneously, however, for the one-man band situation, or a studio that does primarily post-production work this card has all the goodies. I’m not wedded to foobar, in fact I’m still partial to Winamp.


sonar + [email protected] setup | Cakewalk Forums

If it will not see the WDM drivers. Upon a hard reboot the install wizard worked as expected the new drivers went in and I resumed normal PC usage. The same problem occurs with 1. Directwire is an applet you should find in your start menu. We have been using the latest driver right?

Trying to play my FM8 when recording in Cubase becomes completely unbearable. So this means it’s a problem with the system and the WDM driver? Then off to support. I try not to embarrass myself too often these days.