Not a great one. Our contract states that a tech is to service the machine within four hours of the service request. They never told us they were doing this and have given no reason. Please Login at the top right or Register. The tech said he’ll be out to fix it tomorrow. Ikon billing issues We have nothing but problems with Ikon billing, and this has been going on for years. Item Location see all.

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And some like Oce will opt for differently-keyed toner hoppers so you can’t bail on them for real OEM service when the low CPC up front doesn’t pay for the subpar service.

Ikon CPP missing No Please Login at the top right or Register. We had to have them reclassify us as a print shop to get the toner amounts to iko we could work with and even that doesn’t work. Still I just don’t have time for that.

Then when I looked at another colorful piece, it showed the telltale mottling effect that I am so use to seeing in my large fields of color.

Sorry for the rambling but I’ve been thru hell with this machine and if my experience can help someone else avoid a mistake, I’ll ramble a little! More refinements More refinements And, we picked up our Xeroxout of necessity since we couldn’t print anything with our piece of crap Ikon supported machine.


When I first heard about the buyout I had that reaction — e. Then they are surprised when the job has gone bad and try to blame the machine ioon the technician.

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If I could go with another service vendor, I sure would. You’ll be glad you did, as cal through the glass is WEAK.

There are sensitive electronics and environmental factors that can affect the quality of the prints it makes. A forum for Offset Press and Digital Printing cop. Also, the quality is very poor.

Heat, humidity and PMS cause the colors to shift. Attached printer broke, server works fine. Before buying this kit look for loose connection on the hard drive and reseat the memory DIM and the interface card.

Michael Hay Sep 3, LindaBJun 25, The mother board was fired and recently replaced, along with numerous other parts.

Ikon CPP 500 review?

Registration’s tighter, media control and range is MUCH better, halos next to high-density patches are gone No need to be fancy, just an overview. CPPor We have all three Ikon-branded boxes at our shops.

The Ikon is currently shared on our old iion server using a LPR port and has a bit driver installed.

I’ve got about 12 more months of this. Ikon supplies Your exactly right, we had the same issue and had the ” Bif Service Team” out for a meeting and found out that they cut the toner amounts that you could receive back because they felt that they were being sold on ebay.


This is guaranteed to work.

Some days they respond within the four hours, however, usually it’s the next business day. In the end I would absolutely not recommend the CPP to anyone who needs a dependable printer. The second HCD or tray 4 is doing the same thing, although to a lesser degree. But it’s not a press, and not as tough or sturdy. We’ve been doggin’ it out for over a year now and it does make us money.

The toner bottles are very small and the Ikon supply team steadfastly keeps you on a 2 bottle limit per order unless you can coerce your sales rep by dropping the Canon name. Who knows how long it’ll take for Ricoh to pull the rug out? In other words, watch your jobs when they are running.