Bezel – Control panel bezel – Rectangular plastic piece with cutouts for the control function keys and display Hungarian. Cover – Upper left cover – Small cover that is part of the inner side wall in the cartridge access area and provides support for the exterior left side cover. Support – Cross-member support – ‘L’ shaped bracket used to help support the camera photo memory card interface boards. Tray – Toner catch tray curved Black plastic piece – Holds residual toner from photosensitive drum. Cable – Upper cable assembly seven connectors.

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Bezel – Control panel bezel – Rectangular plastic piece with cutouts for the control function keys and display Korean.

Rack Slide – Rack slide – White plastic piece with gear teeth layed out in rack form on both sides. Screw – M3 pan-head phillips screw with flat washer – 6mm long. Roller – Pinch-roller – Small roller mounted on a shaft. Guide – Transfer inlet guide assembly – Angled metal guide between the registration roller and the transfer roller. Cover – Solenoid cover Steel – For magnetic wave sheilding – Mounts over the solenoid on the right side of the front frame assembly. Roller – Pressure roller small Black hard plastic ‘solid’ roller.

Screw – 4 Wafer head machine screw included – M3, 6mm long, No.

Cover – Inner cover – Covers the small interconnecting PC board. Spring – Tray 1 flag spring – Provides torsion for the tray 1 paper sensor flag.


Arm – Face-down s3950a exit arm – Helps to prevent paper re-entering the printer and paper curl. Bezel – Control panel bezel – Rectangular plastic piece with cutouts for the control function keys and display Slovak.

Support – Left support assembly – Metal frame which supports the top mounted scanner.

All shipments are insured. Cover – Left side cover assembly – Includes the main cover, vent cover, power switch button, rod and spring The power switch is located on the low voltage power supply board.

Tray – ADF input paper tray assembly – Includes the tray base and adjustable width guides with gear mechanism. Cover – Bottom inner cover Black plastic – One covers the paper feed sensor in the center and the other covers sensor wires toward the hl side.

Cover – Inner cover – Covers the bottom of the connector that interconnects the input tray base to the printer.

Plate – Base plate – Bottom support plate for the fusing assembly. Cable – Telephone cable Korea – 3. Cable – Telephone cable Switzerland – 3.

We replace rollers, pads, upgrade firmware, and re-set firmware board solders. Spring – Electrical contact spring – Spring steel wire with compression springs formed on both ends. Spring – Compression spring – Provides pressure for the separation pad for the multipurpose tray tray 1. Paper – Premium LaserJet cover paper – Heavyweight 75lbsmooth finish on both sides, 96 brightness – A size 8.


Certain items are not available for pick-up. Contact us for any shipping related questions.

Product Details

yp Holder – Pad holder – Separation pad holder on front of tray. Pulley – Pulley roller accommodates three feed belts – Small black roller approximately 3. Cover – Right side cover assembly – Includes the right side cover, DIMM memory access door, and the formatter grounding plate.

Paper – LaserJet Satin finish tough paper – A size 8. Tray – Multipurpose tray tray 1 service kit – Includes one paper pickup roller and one separation pad assembly.

HP Color LaserJet All-In-One Laser Printer, QA

Gear – 16 tooth gear Black plastic – Gear with large stop tooth and shaft lock tab. Airflow Guide – Airflow Guide duct – Black plastic insert piece which runs the width of the printer and has an air flow hole on right side. Screw – M3 pan-head phillips screw with plastite threads – 8mm long. Tray – q39500a paper cassette tray assembly complete – Pull out cassette that the paper is loaded into – Does NOT q3950w the paper feed base assembly.