Flag – Paper flag – Plastic rod with paper sensing flag on one end and sensor activator flag on the other. Bezel – Control panel bezel – Rectangular plastic piece with cutouts for the control function keys and display German. Fusers, image transfer belts, and other starter supplies carry a 30 day warranty. PC Board – Top of page photoelectric sensor PC board – Includes the photoelectric top of page sensor and the print engine test switch. Clip – Cable clip – White plastic push-in clip with mounting pin. Strip – Cleanout assembly strip – Green plastic bar with two grab tabs – Can be removed to help clear paper jams in the automatic document feeder assembly.

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HP Color LaserJet All-In-One Laser Printer, QA

Carousel – Carousel rotary assembly – Includes the carousel assembly, the support assembly, end plates, drive gears and shaft, sensors, and cables. Roller – Transfer roller kit – Includes the transfer roller, two transfer side plates ‘U’ shaped metal insertsthe right end shaft bushing, and the two compression springs at the left end of the roller.

Scanner assembly that scans documents on the adf automatic q39550a feeder unit. Roller – Lower face-down pressure roller kit – Includes the two small Black qq3950a plastic rollers and corresponding torsion springs.

Color LaserJet all-in-one printer parts list. Paper – Advanced Glossy Paper – 10cm 4in x 15cm 6inborderless hhp tab – 20 sheets Asia Pacific. Cover – Upper front cover – Rectangular plastic piece with recess for the printer logo.

Product Details

Roller – Pressure roller and arm assembly – Includes the small white roller, the holding arm, and roller scraper. Damper – Damper assembly Gray plastic piece with small tooth gear on it. All shipments are insured. Sideplate – Left side carousel plate assembly – End plate under the rotational toner a3950a carousel – Includes all of the high voltage contacts for the toner cartridges – Mounts on the metal carousel support frame.


Clutch – Electromagnetic clutch assembly 24VDC – Electrical clutch between the clutch drive gear and shaft. Cable – Telephone cable Finland and Norway – 3.

Paper – LaserJet Satin finish tough paper – A4 size Guide – Left paper feed guide small Black plastic arm. Roller – Guide roller Free spinning white plastic roller – Mounts on the paper pickup drive shaft on each side of the pickup ‘D’ shaped roller.

Guide – Lower guide assembly – Includes the support structure, delivery roller, drive gear, paper photo-sensor, sensor flags, and upper separation guide – Mounts on the rear of the fuser support frame assembly. Roller q350a Paper pickup roller assembly – Includes the shaft, guide assembly cams, the D-shaped roller, and roller retainers – Picks paper from the multipurpose front input tray tray 1.

Cover – Left side cover assembly – Includes the main cover, vent cover, power switch button, rod and spring The power switch is located on the low voltage power supply board. Static Dissipater – Static eliminator ground plate – Right angled metal piece q3950w small teeth on top edge. Paper – LaserJet Satin finish tough paper – A size 8. Label – White address labels – 8.

HP parts for QA Color LaserJet all-in-one printer

Mount – Bp retainer – Holds the spring loaded power switch rod on the left side cover. Cable – Telephone cable Switzerland – 3.


Gear – 26 tooth gear White plastic – Has recess for shaft drive pin. Feeds paper into unit for copy scan and fax purposes.

We use only the best packing materials as seen above. Cover – Upper left cover – Small cover that is part of the inner side wall in the cartridge access area and provides support for the exterior left side cover.

Please contact us before you purchase if you have any questions about shipping, handling, or insurance charges. Foot – Rear foot – Helps in printer stability when the scanner has been lifted up – Also forms a recess for the alignment peg on q3950aa optional paper tray.

Please keep in mind that Orion’s products are mechanically refurbished. Cover – Upper rear cover assembly – Also guides the paper from the fusing assembly to the top output face down tray. Bezel – Control panel bezel – Rectangular plastic piece with cutouts for the control function keys and display Polish. Spacer – Left spacer – Shipping lock for the fusing assembly.

Frame – ADF q3950aa retainer C-shaped plastic frame. Cover – Inner cover – Covers the bottom of the connector that interconnects the input tray base to the printer.