I have 4 drives in the server, distributed over two RAID 1 arrays. Windows will not do a recursive search through the folder hierarchy so you have to point it at the correct folder for your printer. The NIC driver is quite old. Information wants to be free! I tried to resolve the 0x dec error from the laste pwconsole-debug file.

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Information wants to be free! It found the driver but setup never continued. I have an old first-generation G1 Compaq ML server that I use as a multi-server on my home network.

Circumstantial evidence to windoes up this conclusion is that the other array is accessible in Windows Server without problem.

wndows I decided to look for a newer version. The new driver is from Since it is so old the server is only capable of running an x86 OS, but it has 3 GB of memory so I manages the job for my small network. Not so for the MMC snap-in that manages the arrays themselves. Windows Server installed successfully and I started configuring the server.


HP NC7760 Gigabit Server Adapter Free Driver Download (Official)

Its version is 8. I hit Next and Windows Setup proceeded to try and create nc7706 new partition in this free space. After you have selected which Windows Server edition you want to install the setup process brings up a listing of available drives in your machine.

All network service ran perfectly. That produced an error, but I was not too deterred by this. The newly recreated array came up as free space and I selected it and hit next.

Installing Windows Server on a Compaq ProLiant ML G1 server | Morgan Simonsen’s Blog

I used to host these files directly on my website, but now I have made them available as a download instead. Windows will ask you where the driver is located. So I knew what the problem was, just not how to fix it. You can compare two files like this:. It installed successfully and the Spy program, which sits in the system tray and monitors drive health, worked well. Windows could not create a partition.

This weekend I decided it was time to upgrade it to Windows Server Information wants to be free!


The same problem you had with I had with WHS on a dlg2. That produced another error.

HP printer drivers are stored in the prnhp. The NIC driver is quite old.

Server Specifications

On Windows Server this was done pressing F6 at the beginning windos setup and popping in a floppy with the required driver. That was when the fun started. I also made a custom template file where you could enter the numeric value directly instead of editing the templates that came with Windows. Things were looking good.

This weekend I decided it was time to upgrade it to Windows Server It is certified for Windows Server h has been happily running that OS for a couple of years now. Open the Security tab. I found one on their website.