So cracking on with the spares and trying to make something useful. First one, and then I read a post from someone who’d bought two similar things, as it was always good to have a spare. In X you can use xev to find the keycodes and xmodmap to map them to useful symbols. BTW the output from dmesg once I installed the right firmware was [ If it’s too much hassle I may just buy a newer USB tuner. Tested by plugging the card directly into an indoor aerial which I had consigned to the junk pile ages ago and fitted distribution due to the TV in one room getting no signal on an indoor. You will need the dvb-usb-dib

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Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T – LinuxTVWiki

Will try your latest suggestion tomorrow. Do you install Hauppauge kernel modules?

Previously I had just just scanned without giving a country code, result: It is described in http: Some issues have been found with the latest version of the firmware. I figured out how to get around that for installing the driver for Nova T but found another solution this time.

Yes it’s an example as to the kind of values nov-atd-500a need to enter.

I had looked at Kodi a couple of times in the past but wasn’t particularly taken with it having no interest in pirating content, just occasional timeshifting of TV with the ability to replay on other devicesI can’t really recall why now or whether TVheadend vdb-t the stumbling block. Not a driver problem, just too much power. This unique design is also known as “Bristol”.


The current drivers are close to stable at the moment Includes ergonomic remote control. Possible regression of a driver bug raised against Ubuntu running 2.

I can identify the two frequencies and polarisation of transmitters I can use but don’t see how that relates to the above nor do I know what most of that means, alas.

Changes to drivers, configuration parameters eg turning on LNA etc will not be implemented by a simple ‘warm’ reboot. November 10, – mt I2C write failed. I’ve just managed to find out what frequencies a nearby secondary transmitter uses; it may be that our aerial is tuned to that. In fact it would happen even with the relevant kernel drivers blacklisted, which rules out a possible driver issue. This page has been accessedtimes.

WinTV-NOVA-TD-500 Dual DVB-T Receiver Product Description

The same card used in a different system did not cause the problem, and other cards used in the Asus Z8NA-D6 system did not either. Both worked with Windows 7. More precisely, it’s at the right of the Active EIT scanning checkbox.


If your kernel has usbcore built-in e. Thanks for the quick response. Some viewers will need to replace their aerials to receive digital transmissions if the installation is old or in poor condition.

As it was a maximum value I opted to leave it unchanged. It requires the dib driver. Glad I finally got around to it. It’s a while since I used it niva-td-500a I will need to verify that it’s still ok, but I can do this later haupppauge by swapping the original HD with Windows Media Centre on it back in.

Tested by plugging the card directly into an indoor aerial which I had consigned to the junk pile ages ago and fitted distribution due to the TV in one room getting no signal on an indoor. Seems I was wrong about the aerial being tuned to a secondary transmitter. Watch and record digital TV, or record two TV shows at the same time! No one has been doing regression testing for such an old card 10years!

This works in some application but not others e. For Digital Terrestrial reception, a high gain aerial is recommended.