We also made sure to improve the behavior in several scenarios, so we consider some bugs of the old storage to be fixed or obsoleted, if you prefer with storage-ng. As you may have noticed, a lot of interesting things are currently happening in the YaST world and more cool stuff is about to come. We will publish it next week, so stay tuned! The outcome of that effort is this detailed document and a list of tasks PBIs in Scrum jargon for the upcoming sprints. That was the case for the registration URL regurl option. When that happens, YaST sets the network interfaces with the start mode nfsroot , which is used to avoid interface shutdown and, therefore, the unavailability of the system.

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The model name generic is treated as a special case. Do not miss the next report! So good bye insservit was a pleasure to work with you.

Fortemedia Fm Au Driver for XP

Some old design decisions and principles stayed, like the usage of SCR for accessing the underlying system. It is still a proof of concept, but we formeida at least share screenshots showing how it looks for the time being. The smaller size gives smaller latency but leads to more CPU consumption, too. So, you at least have to know which parser is used for each file and what is needed in order to make the parser work with the file of your interest.

So the contents and callbacks all live in their own class which is then used in formrdia. So we used this sprint to sketch a plan to make that possible in the following months, analyzing all the scenarios and configurations supported by AutoYaST and looking for the best way to support them using the existing yast2-storage-ng infrastructure.


About capture IBL, see the description of snd-vx module. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, this conversion was done on language basis.

During this sprint, we adapted it to ensure all the combinations suggested by the new storage stack partitions, LVM, encryption and so on are correctly covered by YaST2-Bootloader. It is recommended to assign a unique serial number to each disk in a QEMU virtual machine on POWER when it is expected the storage configuration of the virtual machine may change.

Although some of them were really caused by bugs in the YaST code, others were a consequence of a buggy Ruby rxgettext script formedis collects the translatable strings from the Ruby source code. Such a pop-up was impeding the use of this command in scripts. This module has no enable option. Both fixes were submitted as a maintenance update to all the supported versions of SLE and openSUSE and will reach our user as soon as they pass all the extra security checks performed by the respective maintenance teams.

The ALSA drivers can be loaded automatically on demand by defining module aliases. So we have invested some time improving the documentation and writing a blog post to properly present and explain CFA to the world.

We will publish it next week, so stay tuned! formddia

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Specifically, with this number, out of aboutstatus waits, only about result in a sleep. We want to have a shorter and more agile feedback loop regarding our development efforts. But the problem is that with most parsers specially with Augeas this relation is not bijective. Thanks to the new software architecture, AutoYaST users will be able to override every single partitioning setting from the control file. Configuration file model The last layer creates a model of the configuration file — an semantically meaningful API for accessing the configuration from an application.


A very visible case are the ntfs-3g and ntfsprogs packages, installed when a MS Windows partition is found in the system. During installation, when YaST detects in the system a particular filesystem or technology for which the installer would need additional packages to deal with, it alerts the user and tries to install those packages.

So the new expert partitioner not only relies on the revamped storage stack, but also on a powerful and reusable set of shiny UI components.

For example, for an URL with a valid format but that points to an unreachable server. The YaST installation used to have two stages, separated by a reboot. You might also upgrade your BIOS.

Then it is straight-forward. You always have to go through the complete SCR stack when parsing an input.

This process has now been automated.