The Canon OS Object Generator is chargeable software, consult your local Canon office for details, a trial version is downloadable from the Canon support site. Background The Canon printers we use at IEU require special printer drivers, mostly because of accounting options. However the driver depends on i packages. Unless you know what you’re doing. There is also a bash script in the root of the package.

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This ensures Canon devices integrate seamlessly with customer environments including legacy systems.

PrinterDriver/Canon/UFR-II – Debian Wiki

Please consult your local Canon office for details. There are two versions of the configuration tool available — the graphical version operates within any X11 windowing environment, and the text version operates within a console environment.

Method 3 The driver package has a guide in its Documents section that has advice on installing the printer drivers. If above is not working ensure your printer is not on hibernation or standby mode That is it. Start by creating a new printer queue and giving it a name.

English, French, Llnux, German, Spanish. SAP device types for legacy or older devices launched pre-June remain on Canon support site. Using your favourite internet browser such as IceWeasel go to http: There are third party products available in the market that can be used to implement a IPDS solution with Canon printers.


Canon imageRunner CQue PCL installation

Configure Printer Driver Now it is time to configure the printer queues. Additionally, it supports various Linux systems. We will choose bit and change to the directory holding the. CQue contains a feature that integrates the mailbox, secured printing and departmental accounting features of Canon devices with the Linux system.

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Close the “Package Installer – cndrvups-ufr2-us” window Note: CQue enables a wide range of device functionality such as finishing options as well as mailbox, secured printing and departmental accounting. Canon also offers a range of solutions that are optimised specifically for UNIX, Linux, OS, Citrix and SAP environments which enable customers to exploit more than basic functionality from their device.

There is also a Printer Driver v3. Linus the installation of Canon’s proprietary drivers is non-standard, this page describes the steps that I use.

Click on “Add Printer” button On the next page under “General” section select your preferred pinux. Method 2 Installation of the Printer Drivers: Installation of the Printer Drivers: Run the cque configuration utility as root, for example like this: I use this one: This way I do not have to de select this option every time I print.


The Canon printers we use at IEU require special printer drivers, mostly because of accounting options. Canon recommends that CQue be used as the default product on all Linux systems.

If there are any dependency problems they can be resolved with apt -f install Now a print queue can be set up using your favoured technique. They refer to Debian-based systems, linus should also work on systems with a different package manager e.

Canon Printers on Debian

Without a licence key, limux Object Generator works as a free trial version. SQue is licenced per server or workstation, independent of the number of Canon devices connected to the network.

If successful the printer will print a test page. Of course you then need to adapt the respective steps. Unless you know what you’re doing. If you have installed the package rpm ex.