I’m afraid I cannot reproduce this problem. We use currently OpenSesame. Set both switches for the desired protocol, then press the Reset switch briefly. Also, note that Matlab numbers bits from 1, whereas programming convention numbers from 0, as shown in the tables above. This would typically be done at the time a stimulus event occurs. The simple coding for single button presses is as follows:.

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Of course many other patterns are possible, if the subject is pressing more than one button simultaneously.

It has a Cedrus RB board inside for processing response button presses. If the allowed responses are important, cedrjs could probably ask for a Python code snippet to communicate with the Cedrus box on their support forum. The use of time stamped button responses means that your application does not have to check the serial port so often to get accurate response timing.

The RB-x20 devices are the second generation of response boxes from Cedrus.

For example in Matlab use the bitget function to test if a specific button was pressed:. Besides input from a mouse or a keyboard, would it be possible to record responses from a USB gamepad, for example using the SR Box plugin?

On a laptop it will generally be the next free COM number. Example Matlab script using XID mode written here.


Cedrus RB Button Box

Recall that the bit is set 1 if it’s released, and clear 0 if it’s pressed. Just to be perfectly sure, if you click on the ‘Edit script’ button, ubtton it look something like this?

Since you are not logged in, please enter the text below. When the response box is shipped, all four switches on the device are down by default, which sets the device to XID mode at cedrua baud rate csdrusJuly edited July Although, we are currently working on a generalized response device interface, so we may be able to get Cedrus to meet us half way. No character is sent on button release.

When a button is pressed a 6 character response cderus send through the serial port. Lotje van der Linden – http: I looked on the Cedrus website, and they claim to offer support for Python.

Cedrus Button Box Component — PsychoPy v

Hi Sebastian, here the settings for my experiment: I have defined the buttons 1 and 3 as Allowed responses 1;3but buttin the 8 buttons are active and collect responses. Expand the Ports node on the tree, right click on the COM port that your response box is plugged into, and select the Properties command. Second, there have bkx problems with the SR box plug-in in the past, so please make sure that you’re running the stable 0.

See below for an illustration.


Response Boxes

August edited 4: Also, it would be strange if OpenSesame recognizes the button presses, but doesn’t respect the allowed responses list. Buttoon will open the window pictured below, which allows you to configure the port. XID mode has the advantage of allowing to exploit the reaction times recorded directly by the Button Box, so granting the highest RT accuracy.

Few examples of the necessary code would be of great help!

Cedrus Response Pad RB540

Perhaps it depends on the device. According to the Website of Psychology software tools, this SR Box requires the Software “E-prime”, but we don’t need an another presentationsoftware. In the E-Prime Device Properties page you can indicate whether Presses only, Releases only or Presses and Releases should be returned to your paradigm script. Carlo Reverberi Although Inquisit can use any baud rates supported by the device, we’ll just use with the default setting offor the sake of simplicity.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I use the responsebox “Cedrus RB”. These response boxes support only the “RB Series” communication mode.