It looks to me like the first four chipsets have easy work arounds. Posted May 14, Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Visit other IDG sites: Items in bold are the ones I changed, because when I ran ioreg -l it gave me the proper vendor ID’s. Worked on that one too.

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It is intresting to note that this piece of hardware evidently does not work universally across all versions and distros of of HacOSx Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.

Bslkin find your network in the list and doubleclick on it i think.

I had the following comment from Belkin Technical Support: After you install the driver software, you will see some connection software. Many thanks in advance. I have successfully connected to my desktop pc and transferred files, connected to the net, watched online vids, and bepkin of other things. I spent like 5 hours searching for a solution and no luck!


Belkin drivers free download software for all devices

Or sign in with one of these services. I love the way you hit the power button and you are on your Mac desktop in thirty seconds from a cold start.

It uses a 13 digit key for frell’s sake. I could easily become a Mac fanatic. I have leo4all v2 This uses a Realtek chip, and despite trying Realtek’s driver download it still won’t work.

I’m still trying though. Happily, most of them are supported on a Mac.

Use a Belkin wireless dongle with OS X – Mac OS X Hints

Forgot the link to v4 of the Zydas driver which has been reported to work on Leopard: Just pay attention to which chipset it has, as can be seen by looking on the bottom of the box as demonstrated in the above post. I used the driver labeled: I have the same problem under Leo4all Actual transfer rate seems high enough, but the latency odx it. Maybe there will one day be a workaround.

I’ve got a v and I’m having some trouble finding any information about what chipset it uses and what drivers might work This link KB should download belkn current driver, dated August 28, Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld.


That’s not what I call a fantastic chip. Sign In Sign Up.

I also have the version In the meantime I’m going to use wire. If you are going to get a new wireless adapter why not get the faster one. Check out the brand-new FAQ! It seems Belkin is modifying the chips they use to have a unique Device ID so that generic drivers will not be able f5s7050 identify them.

AFTER the computer is rebooted to the desktop, plug the device back in and try again. Posted Mca 23, You just need a Mac with USB 2.

For example, at work we have a network that doesn’t broadcast an SSID, and I had quite a time getting this dongle to recognize the network. I have a 6Mbps cable connection and bwlkin linksys 54G router.