Locations on the 6 CD Professional set are: Intellectual property is protected within the binary component. Start a terminal and enter that command, which will make the tar “Tape archiver” programmeSo that is what “tar” stands for. Files sizes are not reported to 3 decimal places. So if you’ve got installation CDs, you should have the source. The remainder of this text just expands on these issues and steps, with more “theoretical issues at the end. Typically the installation process will set two symbolic links:

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Search your Distro’s package descriptions for “modem” to reveal the status of related resources. I did what you suggested and installed make.

Or, do as Graham L suggest re Mandrake, my only reservation with that is that it is by default a much larger installation and not as good at hardware detection, but certainly configurable. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

Now, just to make things more exciting: When I move in to point 4 Type: Find More Posts by Oliv’. Do NOT try to use the slamr. If your friend has already updated his kernel via up2date or similiar package updaterthen you will need to select the matching kernel-devel package for whatever kernel he has installed with up2date you cannot use the one off the CD in that case. The support for the newer kernel’s must of occured in version 4. Sutra je dan D.


X kernels up to 2. It’s just not on your hard pinux. Another thing I should have mentioned, to find out the various switches and options related to each command use the man pages, eg man tar man ls man gzip there is even a man page for the man pages man man RB.

Pray tell what does linix that mean?? After messing with that all day, “command not found”, I discovered that Mepis does not use urpmi, instead had kpackage.

Bug # “[Karmic] Intel EP driver won’t compile” : Bugs : efax package : Ubuntu

You are trying linuz use ver 4. Connecting Dialing programs that will NOT work with this modem: Dialuje taj Lucen, pise connected 46xxx sta vec i onda posle 30 sec izbaci da nije mogao da pokrene PPP Sta da radim? Files sizes are not reported to 3 decimal places. Talk about try and confuse a man. Knoppix – instalacija Intel EP modema? If not, you haven’t got the kernel source installed.

U jednoj 5336ep si rekao da si kompajlirao drajvere. Ubuntu is “Debian based”.


Re: Intel 536EP modem for Voip in Linux

Kako da resim problemcinu. Other than that your on the right track, you just need to install make, then enter: I woke up in the middle of the night screaming, lniux with the thought that maybe, just maybe, the problem I have is because I have to download to a WinME computer and transfer the file lunux CD to the Ubuntu computer.

That would make no difference, but considering the file off the DSE is 1. The results of gcc -v Graham. Molim za pomoc, jer mi je jako hitno da imam modem koji radi. So more current code is necessary.

It took me two days to figure out that actually “tar” is an application which is found in “bin” directory. The kernel is ver. Koju si verziju drajvera skinuo? The box I used has a 53e6p distribution on it: VPN preko dedicated host servera proxy u biblioteci, kako da otkrijem o.