I also like having a reference I can come back to if I ever have someone asking me a similar question. If you have not already done this, do so at this time. If not good probably a system restorwe will bring you back. Yes, my password is: How to Format a Floppy Disc. I try to install anyways,tghen it give me a message saying something like this is a dynamic drive u can try formating the partition. After 5 years one of the drives died and so I lost all the data.

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The customised OS on the boot CD or boot floppy is all that is required. On the MakeDisk welcome screen shown below, click Next. Now insert a floppy disk into floppy drive A: You can now refer to the second portion of our guide for how to use zata Drivers Disk during the Windows installation process.

The first thing you will need to do to create your SATA drivers disc on a bootable floppy is saha a floppy disc to copy the drivers onto. For details on these options, see the Image product manual. The easiest way is to manually locate it on the disc since it will show you what folders you are in and will give you a better idea of what version of makedisk. These two steps may also not be needed since the system should be able to automatically detect your SATA drive through Windows.

If not good probably a system restorwe will bring you back. There makedisk.eze a utility on the makeidsk.exe CD called test. When I open the disk I see a series of folders. On the Security Warning screen shown below, click Run. I read really carefully your manual.


The TBU CopyWipe page has links to the sort of equipment that can be used to attach hard drives in this manner and we have added a couple of examples in the notes at the end of this page.

If it is set to anything else then you can specify the correct drive letter from the drop down menu. If you are unsure or do not have that information available you can check the model on the board itself [usually located near the PCI slots]. Admins, is it possible that you rename my thread to something like “creating SATA drivers floppy”? EXE, which should show a single drive assigned to the Stripe array and the spare. How to Find the MakeDisk Program.

After extracting the files to the designated folder, the Extraction Wizard offers you the opportunity to view the extracted files. Since it is the only folder located inside the first folder we will open up this folder next.

Win XP setup cannot access the SATA hard drive

Get a life sucker. Go to Microsoft’s download site and download SP3 see resources. Vista beta drivers are for testing. Which I dont wanna do. The entire contents of this floppy diskette will be overwritten. EXE file you downloaded and saved earlier.

7 creating a floppy with raid driver | Asus SK8V User Manual | Page /

Further instructions will be displayed after the driver install process has ended. Also if you are currently using the drive through a controller, would it be possible to connect it without the controller for troubleshooting purposes just to see how the capacity is displayed if it is not in the array. Since SATA drivers are inherent within the full installation of windows you can use a utility that is provided by the system to setup and configure your new SATA makedisk.fxe.


If you choose USB, select one of the following options: Could you please help? This information should be listed on your motherboard box or in the manual that came with your motherboard.

saya Nov maoedisk.exe, at 9: Do you already have an account? We suggest that you choose “Straight Copy” and do any resizing later using BootIt-NG or GParted or similar but do choose “Scale Size” if you want all of the space on the new drive to be utilised and you are sure that the BIOS and your system will support such a resized drive. I rebooted without issue, and the disk management properly reported the sizes, so it looks like the problem is solved.