Filmed at stage height, focus mostly on center stage with some panning but no close ups. During the first song,there is some graphic on the video,so you can’t see much. There are three cams listed in the source but for the most part this is a single cam dvd with occasional patches from one of the other sources when the main angle was obstructed. Rvm and Off He Goes are missing entirely. Woodstock 94 was transferred from a first generation tape. Quality of sound is in my opinion better than the available audio source.

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DVD players will be able to play this without a problem. All acoustic benefit show. Filmed from high on Mike’s side. Very clear, steady shot. Video is taken from an existing 3 cam mix, audio from a new cleaner two-source Schoeps mix. It’s the un-broadcast footage that garners all the attention here.

There spni 6 sec missing during Alive, after porch there is a pretty much a black screen for about 30 secs during the encore and the audio used didn’t include the sound so it was left with a very low crowd noise.


On Same disc as Jewel: If anyone feels the need to redo this please feel free and best of luck.

Plus, the best recording had cuts between every song. There’s also a 2disc version out, which is better quality! Stinkfist intro is cut off and it’s very dark and shaky since the taper was very nervous with security everywhere but maglc soon relaxed.

Good close ups but a few bad video effects ruining some good moments. The size for a DVD is incredibly small, but the quality is ok.

However, the camera vacillates constantly throughout. There 16dv also a couple of video glitches present where the audio dropouts were. Not the greatest video quality though.

Video was digitally mixed, to avoid generational loss. Gives a nice look on a bit of the backstage also. I cleaned it up and it actually doesn’t sound bad at all. The feature show will always be first generation but extras can be low in quality.

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Standalone authored with SA “menu” and no true chapters. Excellent quality and the first time many of the Use Your Illusion songs are played live.

However, the video was only 15 frames per second, instead of the full Interviews and some live clips. The little extra interview is taken from a TV broadcast back in ‘ Press ‘Pause’ and ‘Resume’ to fix this. Very close to the band, handheld camera but decent camerawork and good picture. Missing Long road, some cuts in the master tape patched over with stills. During the first song,there is some graphic on the video,so you can’t see much.


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The sound has been dubbed with the audio of the Eurockeennes bootleg. Nothing to worry about though. At the beginning of the second chorus mqgic ‘Hurt’, Trent Reznor was hit in the face by a thrown projectile a lighter. Audience video, might be the only known source of this show. Very nice acoustic set by Ween. A few cut spots were patched with a black screen.