No PCR iso output plug found Post by M Murdock ffado-dbus-server. Could not prepare streaming Post by M Murdock I installed the modules with dkms. If non-AVC methods are employed to get audio data into and out of the interface, documentation about the packet format used is also useful.

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In qjackctl, choose Driver: ALSA driver for some firewire devices. Generally, everyone can You share here which is makie maximum channel count You were able to record with Ardour given the hardware restrictions, of cource. I wish I knew where I could go to get some direction from those who understand how the detection process works.

Skip to main content. Could not init plug from descriptor 0,1,0,1,0 The plug name is a null string.

Post by M Murdock I installed the modules with dkms. I think if I had mabe channels ardour would record without problem, but I am not sure.

Onyx Driver Compatibility

Defaulting to first StreamProcessor. In order to make most efficient use of time, it is also much easier if the xatellite developer has physical access to at least one of the devices the driver is being written for. No sync input plug for MSU subunit found Propagating info to PCR plugs Jack and ardour are working and recognizing the firewire card, given You started Jack first and configured it to use freebob.


Any ffado engineer could help us to make it work?

Onyx Driver Compatibility | Mackie

This allows code to be tested and debugged as it is written. Could not init plug from descriptor 0,1,0,0,0 No PCR sync output plug found Takashi Sakamoto How would I go about asking for device spec’s? What we do need is documentation about how to control the device.

To get rid of xruns, it might be nessesary to configure jack to run only recording no playback. Could not init plug from descriptor 0,1,0,1,1 It turned out that I had my Mackies plugged into a Firewire bus my system was not seeing.

No sync output plug for MSU subunit found PCR Unknown Input Hi, I contacted Mackie about support for the Onyx Satellite, and they answered to my mail with the following: I tried all same in Windows, Tracktion software, showed No problem at all on same machine and hard disc. External Unknown Output For this issue, please see ‘2.


No PCR iso output plug found Post by M Murdock Your ffado-mixer opens and recognizes the ProjectMix, but I am onyxx able to see any reaction to the ffado-mixer sliders on the ProjectMix hardware. I didn’t see any logs in syslog for ALSA.

I admit that I don’t know the difference between “hw: Try these two links: