I think it is not something related to Sibelius. Here is my configuration: Overview Topics Products People Change log. I downloaded ASIO for all and executed the. At least that’s how it works for me and I have Windows 10 Home Edition without previous installing of any driver. One significant clue is that KeyRig in “stand alone” mode works great – no perceptible delay between pressing keys and hearing sound.

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So, all of that said, what is my next step? I downloaded ASIO for all and executed the. Try your Buffer Size at samples.

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Let me see if I have the overview right. Or, if Sibelius 6 was previously installed and you didn’t misguidedly remove it: Official Representatives Corey S Employee. I suppose this is an indication that it is installed correctly, though this is an assumption. Anyone managing to get the Keyrig49 to work with windows 10? You are indeed a great help! This was my first attempt at doing something anything that would fix the problem and I included it in my first message unintentionally.


You need a latency figure in the 10ms range to make real-time playing feel fully responsive. Forget about using the Windows-integral Microsoft Synth – presumably what the basic MIDI setup is offering you – if you wan’t to play with Flexitime input. What am I missing? I just plugged it in and started Sibelius and set things up in the Input Devices screen as shown in the attached file.

As you can see from the bottom area of the attached file, the dropdown associated with the Interface field of the Audio Engine Optins Dialog does indeed contain a reference now for ASIO4All.

But that being said, you may be able to get it to work with this driver: You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Try connecting it via USB without further ado.

I’ll probably save myself headache if I content myself with what I have till I get the bigger, better equipment.

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Keyrig 49 for windows 10

I suppose you could get away with twice that for Flexitime input. When I close and reopen Sibelius, with this setting, I get an Error. I assume it got installed correctly but don’t know how one actually knows. I hope this helps! I ran a calibrate test and in one instnace it said it had a latency of and in another test a latency of I would have sent them separately but as I understand it, you can only attach one screen shot per message. The suject is complex. Kegrig KeyRig 49 latency problems’.

KeyRig 49 (USB) MIDI Latency – Cockos Incorporated Forums

That’s basically all I’m doing. Are all working – except for latency. Keyrig 49 for windows 10 Edit Subject.