The output is injected into the HDMI connector. Each of the other seven switches adjusts the output voltage by 1. This is not the case if I directly supply voltage from a battery without the LM in between. Perhaps still available by mail order. One hour of sunlight provides enough charge to keep it going for 2 days. Fri Jan 13, 8: The laser has a forward voltage of probably a couple of volts, so tge LM can’t really do anything.

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He fixed that by hacking a LM into the circuit to replace the original non-adjustable part. Results are Noisy Ask Question. Thread starter Matrhis Start date Mar 14, A simple circuit to control the current going through your diode my be as follows.

No, because you are current limiting, the forward drop of the diode is the highest voltage you’ll see. Post as a guest Name.

I think Kaser may still have some of that laying around here. Matrhis New member Mar 14, This project uses the same part, but in a different way. Along the way, we get to see some of the nicer features of his Fluke 87 and meters. You can confirm that this works with your phone by trying it with your TV remote. So here he traced out the laserr to find the second culprit.


Homemade Laser Driver with LM – Blog

Connecting multiple current generators in parallel can be done and is done in many applications. That helped but after a few days the radio failed again. The humble LM adjustable voltage regulator is everywhere.

But the camera is much more sensitive. Most phones are quite sensitive in the infrared range. Given a noisy input and a variable load, a voltage regulator will give a nice clean, stable output voltage.

I built a driver that combines both, using 2 LM’s, the first configured as a variable voltage regulator to feed the one configured as a current regulator, which is also set up as variable.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The circuit of the Laser Driver: Mon Jan 16, 4: My basic idea was to provide a regulated clean DC power supply to the Vdd and Vlda as mentioned above to my laser driver. This is not the case if I directly supply voltage from a battery without the LM in between.


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You need to supply it with a higher voltage or use a regulator that can work with less difference between input and output. But a clever trick is to look at it with your phone video camera. Thu Jul 06, 9: Since the resistor is 2. Joined Aug 25, Messages 5, Likes Points 0.

The picture in the second post above this onethat circuit is the regulator as a voltage sourcethus is will give a fixed output voltage and the current is able to vary with the load.

Help with LM317 laser driver

ICs that differentiate analog and digital ground generally do to to separate ‘noisy’ power circuitry from ‘quiet’ analog or digital circuitry. Perhaps something like this. That large uF capacitor will pull down the right side of the sense resistors to laeer to zero.