Sun Jul 27, 9: Does screen rotation etc work? Wow…neato, except the copy deal. That probably won’t happen until Vista ships, however. I’m doing that and testing it right now.

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Aero Glass on Intel 945GM (GMA950)

It causes no issues at all, although I expect performance to increase as the driver laleport. Aero Glass, file management, guided help, tablet PC functionality, sidebar, improved search indexing and Media Center.

I choose nvidia cards for my laptop and for a computer motherboard instead of intel ones since they are horrible in my opinion. Sign in with Twitter.

Getting Vista Beta 2 to run Glass on a Dell D620

In my opinion, intel is not a good graphic card lakepirt. To alex i heard rumours of dollars for windows ultimate version. I tried the beta and i wasn;t to impressed so i switched back to xp pro. Posted October 5, Mon Jul 28, 6: The has been the single biggest pain in the ass I’ve dealt with, as far as a video card is concerned.

Programmers combine theory and practice: How did you get Camtasia to record with Glass turned on?


It has a lot of cheesy gimmicks too. Help is no longer for the inexperienced. Intel then refused to make a WDDM driver. Sun Jul 27, 8: Click image to view video This looks at the key aspects of Aero Glass: Click image to view video There are a wide range of enhancements to the tablet experience in Vista.

Joined Thu Apr 26, Joined Sat Feb 24, 3: I rather not buy a macbook or buy a better one.

Windows Vista screencasts | istartedsomething

Interview with Matthew Goldberg: Mon Jul 28, 4: Now the comment- Sheeesh, I always love it when Mac user bashes anything Windows. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot wdcm your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

Tue Jul 29, 3: So this vista tools not new, os x already got them since os x lunched. I read that the will not support Aero I also read wxdm Vista is released the first round of may not do glass either Intel needs to pull something els out of their: Whats wrong with them?


Most of the time, you don’t buy Intel graphics cards.

Joined Wed Feb 13, 5: Any updates with this driver?? Tue Jul 29, 8: Writing a custom driver could possible enable areo, but it wouldn’t be in the best for running aero.

Click image to view video Managing multiple versions of the lakepory file is no longer guesswork, with clear indications of the differences between two file variations including a live preview, document size and attributed dates and time.

Windows Sidebar Click image to view video Vista Search Click image to view video A common-day scenario of how an information slave worker can utilise Vista search to improve productivity. Sign in Already have an account?