After the successfull completion of the installation connect the netMod to a USB port on your computer. Pin Description 1 not connected 2 not connected 3 Tip 4 Ring 5 not connected 6 not connected Figure 8: To restore the default value ms press: When a telephone set connected to another POTS port is ringing, then take the following actions in order to answer the call from your own telephone set: Product Overview 2 3.

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The device will accept the call when the called party number is identical to one of the MSN numbers programmed in the device.

By double clicking or simple right-clicking and selecting Settings on this icon the netmod configuration application window will appear on your screen. Phone System Solutions for: The PC that receives the incoming call has to have the dial-up software active, waiting for this call. Any services More information. In order to activate this function, connect a telephone device that supports this service on the required POTS port, where the service will be activated, lift the handset and press: You can configure some of the features.


Click on Setup, then click Modem. I am trying to sub my netMod in Intracom netmod-usb but Intracom netmod-usb cannot find installation guides for my Linux distribution.


Sometimes it is shown as FL, and other times as PR. When the subscriber ignores ksb call waiting indication, the waiting call is rejected after a certain time period. This equipment is connected to the telephone device in series.

This feature is ideal when you have not MSN numbers available or programmed in netmod. Turn off the power of the PC only for RS connections. Up to three different MSN numbers can be assigned on each analogue port, and netmld stored in netmod s corresponding memory locations.

Intracom S.A. Intracom netMod USB Driver Ver 4.21.17 (CAPI) Free Driver Download

Signalling and data concerning the S-bus are transferred transparently via netmod. Adapter GL User Manual is available in other languages at www. Delayed Clear Back When a call has been established and the B-party called subscriber has placed the handset on-hook, an inspection of 90 seconds is initiated.

If the subscriber has a three party conference established then by pressing: These jacks are the analogue ports ab1 and ab2 of the device. Apart from using the same protocol, both PCs must also have the appropriate software.


Disk Cleanup will begin calculating how much occupied disk space you can reclaim. If during this inspection the subscriber places the handset off-hook, the active call will be restored.


Then the following keys can be pressed: B-channels bundling with Multilink-PPP support up to kbps. In case of an incoming videophone call, the call must have a called party number different from the MSN number assigned to the data port. An audio tone is generated when this service is active and can interrupt the transmission of a FAX or the connection of an analogue modem.


An alternative solution for upgrading netmod is the embedded upgrade option of NCM netmod Configuration Manager supplied in netmod s packaging. Reinstalling Windows intracom netmod-usb erase everything from your hard drive, allowing you to start again with a fresh system.

Hot Line HL If you have activated the HL service and you hook off the handset of your telephone device, then an inspection of 10 seconds starts. The videophone will then compare the called party number of the incoming call with the programmed MSN numbers.

No information contained herein may be copied, More information. Without executable files like nmtsk.

Run the file SellLangMsetup and after the language selection choose “Install”. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Argent Terminal Adaptor – User Guide. Point-to-point connection Figure