Adjust the bias adjust screw. For GSA ordering assistance, call The fine adjustments compensate for variations in the media, the printhead, or the printer. The dpi Intermec is available, refurbished. ID Card Printer Printheads. Release the lower media guide.

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B Pull down on the lower media guide to allow easy access to the media path. Cleaning with sharp objects will damage the printhead.

If you are using a narrow roll of media less than 7. You can use several methods to download information in your data collection system. Note that ribbon is sold separately. Need labels or ribbon for your Intermec printer, click here to see our quality media products. Interface cables sold separately. interjec

A Turn the supply roll retainer counterclockwise to release it. You can upload the current configuration settings, vistaa them, and then download them to your printer.

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When you power on the printer, the green LED on the front panel lights, the yellow and orange LEDs flash, and the platen roller advances. C by Ivanhoe Group.


Intermec Duratran II E 4″ x 6. Intermec INdelible E 3″ x 1″ Thermal transfer polyester label. All right, title, and interest in all copies of this software are and shall jntermec all times remain the sole and exclusive property of Intermec.

Other features of PrintSet include the ability to: Release the lower media guide.

Intermec EasyCoder 3440 Thermal Label Barcode Printer 400dpi Parallel

Print the hardware configuration test label. If you are connecting the printer to a serial port on your PC, you may need to change the serial port configuration of your PC to match the printer.

Compatible to part number S The default settings of the printer are: None, Rewind Is this an addition to other legacy barcode printers?

Remove the media and ribbon if necessary. Did you know we provide total solutions including complete, on-site integration services, as well as custom, semi-custom, and packaged software to lower your operation costs, increase your accuracies and maximize your bottom line?

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Zebra ZT Barcode Printer. Download Intermec EasyCoder bista. Replacement Printhead Kit, dpi. Depot repair services and maintenance contracts are a good way to save money at Ivanhoe. B Slide it to the outer end of the supply roll post.


Make sure the media is installed properly along the entire media path. We can fix your broken gear more quickly and efficiently than any OEM or third party.

You must provide the correct cables to connect the printer. If you are using plastic ribbon cores, you need to install the core locking brackets for the plastic ribbon cores. Replacing preprinted labels saves time and money by eliminating the necessity of maintaining diverse label inventories. Description Description This extremely high-resolution DPI printer delivers the sharpest fonts and most precise graphics in the industry.

Clean with only a cotton swab, a clean, lint-free cloth, or a tissue damp with isopropyl alcohol. Use the DIP switch table on the following page. A Slide the edge guide to the outer edge of the lower media guide and screw it in place.