There is nothing to worry about. I’ll try the F6 thing, booting from CD when I get home later today. Is this not possible? Yeap I did both. Press Esc to exit. The cable only connects one way, there is a notch one each side of the cable.

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Remove hardisk after shutdown. That is about all Ssta can suggest other than taking OH Smegs advice on doing the slipstream. Let us know how you get on 0 Votes.

The floppy drive light stayed on after I hit the F6 key. Select it’s first partition or the partition that you want to install windows on. Good suggestion by aries. Press C to Create a Partition. Intel Boards like you to do that and it’s very important to them for some reason.

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Tried doing, I did most of what you replied with. The BIOS, it comes with two floppys and both are good. I’ll try the F6 thing, booting from CD when I get home later today. There is something in the archives about problems booting from the Marvell ports, I just ran across that problem with trying to boot Win 7 from the Marvell, so I didn’t I booted from the Intel ones.


I will just add a bit to it. You need to make your own floppy with the Correct Driver for your OS copied to the Floppy and just the Driver no folder.

The black connectors use an Intel ICH7 inntel. Do not post advertisements, offensive material, profanity, or personal attacks. Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. There is nothing to worry about. A couple of thoughts. I have made a few computers in my time but this MB is a real pain in the rump!

I personally include the Product Key for XP and any service Ssata that are not on the Install Disc and that way once the install starts it doesn’t require any input to monitor the install but I’m lazy.

Are you sure they are not for external ports. Appears to work, but no joy.

Anyway something else to think about. The manual for the MB kinda indicates that if you’re not interested in RAID, you can plug drives in anywhere with the known exception of optical. I have tried the F6 to load drivers; I used both the blue cable and the black drivers. The drives are partitioned and the floppy cable only goes on one way because of the notch in it. Take this hardisk out and install it in some other system. No joy — it just comes up with an error that says none of the drivers apply to any of the hardware.


Intel D975XBX2 Desktop Motherboard Review :: Intel D975XBX2 Features

Partition, initialize, ready to rock. Don’t intek it to boot from this Sata drive. Not to be, though. I have been given the task of installing a configuring this main board. It comes with two floppies one for the blue connectors and one for the black. Clicked on it, told it to reload the driver and pointed it at the i set in the downloaded Marvell drivers from Intel.

The thing I do not understand is why the floppy light stays on after hitting F6 to load third party drivers. All submitted content is subject to our Untel Of Use.