Please read this information in conjunction with the summary terms on the front cover of this document. The estimated initial value will reflect our internal funding rate, which is the borrowing rate we pay to issue market-linked securities, as well as the mid-market value of the embedded derivatives in the securities. The amount of our estimated costs which we effectively reimburse to investors in this way may not be allocated ratably throughout the reimbursement period, and we may discontinue such reimbursement at any time or revise the duration of the reimbursement period after the original issue date of the securities based on changes in market conditions and other factors that cannot be predicted. If the securities have not previously been redeemed and the final share price is greater than or equal to the downside threshold level, the payment at maturity will also be the sum of the stated principal amount and the contingent monthly payment with respect to the final determination date. We have derived all disclosures contained in this document regarding Netflix, Inc. November Page 8. It is possible that the closing price of the underlying shares could be below the downside threshold level on most or all of the determination dates so that you will receive few or no contingent monthly payments.

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November Page 7. You should make your own investigation into the underlying shares and Netflix, Inc.

You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, including 17 with ISO, 9 with Other certification. Under one approach, a security could be treated as a single financial contract that provides for a contingent monthly payment. We have not made any independent investigation of the adequacy or completeness of the information about Svr, Inc.


As a holder of the securities, you will not have any ownership interest or rights in the underlying shares, such as voting rights, dividend payments or other distributions. The historical performance of the underlying shares should not be taken as an indication of their future performance, and no assurance can be given as to the price of the underlying shares at any time, including on the determination dates. A contingent monthly payment will be made with respect to a monthly period only if the determination closing price or the final share price is greater than or equal to the downside threshold level on the related determination date.

If the terms of the securities offered dfr are inconsistent with those described in the accompanying prospectus supplement, prospectus, or Stock-Linked Underlying Supplement, the terms described in this free writing prospectus shall control. Treasury Department regulations, all as of the date hereof, changes to any of which subsequent to the date of this document may affect the tax consequences described herein.

The market value of the securities at any time hv4416 reflect many factors and cannot be predicted with accuracy. If the securities are redeemed early, you will stop receiving contingent payments. The notice focuses on a number of issues, the most relevant of which for holders of the securities are the character and timing of income or loss and the degree, if any, to which income realized by non-U.

The contingent monthly payment, if any, will be payable monthly on the contingent payment date which is the third business day after the related determination date or the maturity date, as applicable. If you are a Non-U. Dated November 19, Holder, unless such U. December 30,February 1,February 29,March 30,May 2, and May 31, the final determination dateeach subject to adjustment as described in the accompanying Stock-Linked Underlying Supplement. There is no direct legal authority as to the proper treatment of the securities for U.


If the issuer of the underlying shares were so treated, certain adverse U.

The following diagrams illustrate the potential outcomes for the securities depending on 1 the determination closing price and 2 the final share price. As a holder of the securities, you will not have any ownership interest or rights in the underlying shares.

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November Page 2. Hypothetical Determination Closing Price. The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. Holder will be allowed as a credit against the Non-U.

Principal at Risk Securities. Function Bluetooth-enabled Touch Screen. First 5 Determination Dates.

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Supplemental plan of distribution conflicts of interest:. The payment of the contingent monthly payment, if any, with respect to the final determination date will be made on the maturity date. All payments on the securities are subject to the credit risk of HSBC. Free Client Software H.

November Page 3. If the final share price is less than the downside threshold level, you will be exposed to the decline in the closing price of the underlying shares, as compared to the initial share price, on a 1 to 1 basis and you will receive for each security that you hold at maturity a cash payment that is less than the principal amount of the securities.

In particular, the IRS could seek to treat a security as a single debt instrument.