I want to make it clear to users or potential buyers reading this review that I am not associated with Fujitsu in any commercial or marketing way. The colors on this screen are simply amazing and will blow any user away. If the function key is pressed on its own, a Fujitsu menu appears giving you quick access to features such as the Control Panel, screen settings, power settings, printing options and brightness settings, among others. I found that the downloading and uploading speeds on certain websites compared to a computer using an actual Ethernet cable can be anywhere from just as fast to two times as fast. It also had a GB rpm hard drive, which leaves you plenty of space to store those media files or documents. The chassis is solid and there is no wobble from the screen.

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There is a hint of graininess because of the added film when compared to a conventional laptop or flat screen LCD, but nothing noticeable as when compared to competing tablets. This score would have been higher, but a software error, which can’t be attributed to the T, caused it to fail one of the tests.

Because of this close relationship, compatibility within critical computer components such as RAM and motherboards can be assured and machine failure rates naturally reduced, whereas competing corporations use third party products with a statistical hope that a certain number of machines will be defective.

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook T – External Reviews

In the battery test, it also performed well, lasting two hours in our DVD rundown test. Five pre configured base options and the ability to customize each of them to suit your personally needs makes it easy for everyone to order their new Fujitsu Tablet PC with the options and extras best suited to their needs.


It has a nice feel to it as well. As well as a fingerprint reader on the screen for access in Tablet modethe Fujitsu Lifebook T can use these four buttons for password protection during boot up.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. It lasted a good four hours in balanced mode, which is your standard default setting. In our review model, the shortcut keys A and B were programmed to the calculator and to a handwriting notepad. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The bi-directional hinge is solid, gives great viewing angles and helps convert into tablet mode in seconds. There is a wireless switch on the left side of the unit which controls the WiFi accessibility of the computer, something that is handy for situations where power management is important.

Some convertibles are also represented ufjitsu that size.

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The Bluetooth comes in handy for those users who may want to use a wireless mouse or any other wireless device. I believe this is touch;ad because of the plastic composite used in order to make the tablet as light as possible in the design coupled with the empty PC card slot right under and the heat generated from the unit itself.

It only weighs 2. Fujittsu drive is also hot-swappable as well as cold-swappable hot-swap meaning that a user may take vujitsu drive out of the compartment thus disconnecting it from the Tablet PC while the Tablet PC is powered up and running. Two speakers, located in the front of the unit, deliver a rather impressive quality of sound up to a certain level of volume.


Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 Laptop Palmrest Palm Rest W/ Touchpad Cp292801 Cp291982-0

The T in tablet mode. It is much like the pen on the Lenovo X61, which I liked as well. However, because of the white background color of the keys, extensive use may result in discoloration i.

Comparison Results for 3Dmark On the topic of quality regarding the built in microphone, I have to say that the recorded sound was very impressive. Fortunately, there is a company which not only promises quality, their brand name is synonymous with excellence.

Front view of the T in notebook mode. It is full size and none of the keys are shortened except for the Fn key.

Front view of the T I need power and lots of it. Developing data science skills is one of the best touchpda that you can do for your career. The T pen compared to your standard pencil. I had no problems carrying the T in tablet mode, but I liked working with it in notebook mode as well since the screen can be turned both ways.

Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC User Review

The white keyboard, although compact, is ergonomically designed and the keys are placed in a rather convenient layout. The tpuchpad shows enough flex for a comfortable feeling when typing.

In fact the Intel Wireless was fast and responsive. This is a great option because it allows users to take advantage of the smaller icons and graphics.