BlackThorny BlackThorny Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Back in the day, SoundBlaster was the de facto standard for sound cards. I can’t figure out what file I need, anyway! All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder. Chances are, the problem is in the virtual machine settings or in the Linux host audio stack, which is historically been problematic. This is the address of the wavetable chip in hex for example,

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Still, a SoundBlaster emulator will be really helpful. DOSBox is an emulator, so it will always be less performant than something running the software natively. I use it frequently on other computers. HIMEM is driver that provides extended memory management.

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FreeDOS – User – No soundblaster under FreeDOS vm

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FreeDos subscribe unsubscribe readers 1 user here now FreeDos is a operating system that is Dos Compatible. I’ve tried ALSA, but with no luck. You need to either go to the Ubuntu forums for their support, or install the actual, official version of VirtualBox.


It is trivial then freedks add an infinitely variable slowdown for speed sensitive blaxter. You can’t invite this user because you have blocked him. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I will have to look into these. Back in the day, SoundBlaster was the de facto standard for sound cards. The only caveat is that you are not using an actual DOS system.

DOS programs expect to access the hardware directly. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Assuming the modified HXRT build supports your soundcard then theoretically you should get sound. Ability to run resource -hungry dos games in modern systems at full speed. A program which can emulate sound cards floppy bllaster emulation etc.

I can’t figure out what file I need, anyway! Typos fixed, some left. sond


Ability to boot into Dos, at fast speeds with current processors maybe the fastest booting OS in a modern systemforget about registry mess-ups and maintain multi-configs in dos and have the luxury of emulating of a Sound Blaster using any PCI Sound Cards or built-in audio codecs. At this point, “DOS compatibility” is only beeing hold together by the equivalent of a chewing gum and an elastic band. Support Game technical issues. BAT that should work for you.


Select “Show Log” and save “VBox. It’ll be fun maybe not for the developers, but for us users!

With DOSBox you don’t need to worry about drivers as it’s running on top of whatever system you’re running day-to-day whether that’s Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD, Solaris, or whatever else it’s been ported to and has drivers for its emulated hardware built-in, with FreeDOS you’d better hope that you can find DOS blaxter for whatever hardware you run it on or that it already includes what you need.

Of course for games this old that’s really not much of a soind, but I imagine for people with low-end computers trying to play high-end DOS games the difference might be noticeable.