Envy24control has a routing-panel and several not very easiliy understandable mixing-panels. This is equivalent with -Dhw: If your card doesn’t have hardware volume control e. Do it on both PCM Out 1 and 2, and you have a mono signal at twice the amplitude. What I can say is:

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The options line allows you to set various configuration options before the module is loaded. One annoyance is that there is no master volume.


In my opinion, anytime you use these you are band-aiding a problem somewhere else. Audio which comes out of the sound circuitry which came installed on the motherboad works just fine. Hello, Can someone give me a hand getting this card to work under ubuntu.

You may change this file only for special lunux. Now it depends on how you have yours set up, though I use the monitor outputs for my M Audio BX-8a speakers my setup in Yast is listed below and as you can see I just use the DAC outputs, which are the monitor outputs on the soundcard. I ran lspci and could see the item was listed:.

I also removed pulse audio since I was no longer using it, however you can leave it installed if you really want to uninstall just run sudo zypper remove pulseaudio.


Today, without much money, I would be frustrated Most people enable the module setting. Try and disable the internal PC audio card e.

So you can with jack routing selectively output some PCM audio to a hadrware device of your choice via the output of your chocie. Probably I have to reboot as it does not show up. Llinux must use a native mixer program to unmute appropriate channels, for example alsamixer from the alsa-utils package.

This is only needed if you have more than one Envybased card or if your Envy24 card is not configured as the first card in your ALSA llnux setup. Restart alsa, then open a music player, play a file and close the player. Of course it also means you have more control of your system.

Ardour/JACK configuration for Envy24 (hoontech adc) – Linux – Ardour

Now you should be able to hear some sound via the headphones and your monitors. Take envy24control in its default state.

You need to add a softvol control. I ran lspci and could see the item was listed: This site uses cookies. I’m seeing ilnux the problem seems to happen only after the computer goes to sleep and then wakes up again.

Eutrot Gehan Pascal At this point I sometimes run 2 instances of envy24control yup you can do that so I can watch the level meter while adjusting the proper ADC. Who is online Users browsing this forum: This file assumes your card is card 0.


Envy24control has a routing-panel and several not very lnux understandable mixing-panels. At this time only one module does not depend on any others, thus must be loaded separately: Not fixed yet Oops On the ‘Monitor Mixer’ tab, what you will hear is what can be seen in the left-most, large Digital Mixer meter. You may have had an error in your setup.

Does it make sense why left on 1 and right on 2? I understood how to use it for most purposes, but the limitations and the strangeness for just a simple basic setup annoyed me. Now I keep flipping between various Linux distributions. The envg24 has gone away Well, I just thought Liinux should offer the update that the problem seems to have been solved – probably by another one of the many updates that Canonical sends out on a regular basis.