In this chapter you learn about serial, parallel, SCSI, USB, sound, and FireWire ports and their corresponding devices; the goal is to make you proficient with the various interfaces you see in the IT field. Although these programs support serial cable transfers, parallel port transfers are much faster and USB transfers are much faster than parallel; these methods for direct connection are recommended for most versions of Windows. It can provide up to mA of power to each device connected to it. The software also provide a many information about programmed device. What about serial printers? Features Specification Software User’s manual. Currently, SCSI interfaces, either on the motherboard or as add-on cards, are found primarily in servers and are used for mass storage hard disk, tape backup , although you might encounter workstations and PCs that use SCSI interfaces for devices such as.

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When a single parallel port is elnwc in the system, regardless of its configuration, it is always designated as LPT1. We still recommend Windows 7 because of unexpected restarts after automatic updates of the Windows Each new version of the software is immediately published in the section Download. To enable digital output, use the Sounds and Audio Devices dialog in Windows Control Panel or the proprietary mixer provided with some potr cards or onboard audio devices. Enlec of vendor-specific differences in how motherboards implement header cables, the header cable might use separate connectors for each signal instead of the more common single connector for all signals.


Look please at list of supported devices to respective programmer for details. Refer to Figure for the location of these ports.

Advanced pindrivers deliver signals without overshoot or ground bounce for all supported devices. Therefore check description of the card for “IEEE compatible” statement. Elnec software is in the form of installer, which copies control software for Elnec poort to your hard disk, creates shortcuts in the start menu and associates project files with Elnec software, if desired.

A programming verification elneec performed by the programmer at the marginal level of VCCP, which, obviously, improves programming yield, and guarantees long data retention.

If two dlnec are to be connected to a single PC, then we strongly recommend to connect each programmer to separate USB 2. Most external IEEE devices have two ports to enable daisy-chaining.

Some external devices also use a DBF port. Using built-in in-circuit serial programming ISP connector, the programmer is able to program ISP capable chips in circuit. Reasonable quantity of this product can be available within 3 working days.

The programming speed depends on PC speed only slightly.

Download (software, documentation)

This number indicates quantity pprt items that could be produced from components in stock. There is only one software for all Elnec IOGEAR manufactures innovative, highperformance and reliable products to help users connect to complex and sophisticated technology for their home or business. The software package for BeeProg3 and BeeHive programmers contain also updates of firmware, libraries and operating system for these programmers, which mean roughly next 20MB of compressed data.

Therefore we can return your samples only if we get chips from semiconductor manufacturer.


To determine which device IDs are in use, you can. For the proper functioning of this website we recommend to turn on JavaScript.

Elnec Return to Application notes. User manual for JetProg – multiprogramming system.

Option locators To obtain your username and access keys, sign up for a Free Trial or purchase a plan. All known data formats are supported.

BeeProg – Universal programmer | Elnec

You can also access Device Manager from the Control Panel. The advantage of PIKprog is its easy-to-use comfortable software with pull-down menu, hot keys and on-line help.

Description of ISP connector pins for currently selected chip, recommended target design around in-circuit programmed chip and other necessary information.

IEEE is a family of high-speed bidirectional serial transmission ports that can connect PCs to each other, digital devices to PCs, or digital devices to each other.

I/O Ports and Devices

If you are fine with this, you can use Windows If you use more than one device, you could have problems getting pirt devices not to mention the printer to work reliably. The select command is used for select elements with option child elements. Another example would be the primary IDE controller; this uses the range 1FF7, a total of 8 values an 8-bit range.