A maximum spectrum width of 6. This server will reduce the required bandwidth, so that slow data lines can be used for remote access. The state of each of these 7 signals is shown with a LED for easier debugging. Not to be forgotten is the spectrum recording function. The software versatility and qualities have surprised me, as well as the possibilities of the FDM-S1 in combination with the SFE board. Elad Italy does offer various SDRs for several years. And a b ig plus for the SW1, it is freely scalable up to screen size!

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And here it is where the fdmm-s1 of the manufacturer Elad shows: It also has most of its functions available under direct keyboard entries and it features a “triple tuning bar” which guides you through the spectrum in meterbands,megahertz or finetuning, a bit like a mechanical tuning dial with multiple gears.

Receiver and Software Defined Radio (SDR)

This server will reduce the required bandwidth, so that slow data lines can be used for remote access. Flad x 27 x 88mm, weight g.

Not dfm-s1 be forgotten is the spectrum recording function. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager.


It is also possible to directly download DX cluster frequency lists. Because it’s nearly perfect in the original setting. The Perseus remains largely in the linear range.

The state of each of these 7 signals is shown with a LED for easier debugging. With some clever configuration of the SFE board fdm-e1 package can serve as a MHz all mode receiving system, leaving not much to wish for.

Instead of the supplied software other programs can be used as well.

It is possible to import the the Eibi frequency list in CSV format. Initially the software used a maximum sample frm-s1 of kHz but meanwhile Elad has developed new dll’s taking the viewable bandwidth to over 5MHz. Further the FDM-SW1 software rdm-s1 to define an indefinite number of band segments, where mode, filter and tuning steps are pre defined.

For example the manufacturer plans a server component, which will allow remote operations. It offers many settings and configuration options.

So is this a meaningful comparison? How does it compare to the Perseus?? My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Elad demonstrates a reliable contact with its customers. The frequency list entries can be displayed in the spectrum as a function of the frequency.

The patent pending tuning system offers three mouse operated dials fpr ‘coarse’, ‘middle’ and ‘fine’ tuning, resulting in a very precise and fast tuning over the entire range.


Recently a vdm-s1 blanker NB has been integrated.

To make good use of the entire frequency range one can add external bandpass filters. The “frequency related settings table” also functions as a user defined bandplan. I have often used this function.

Elad FDM-S1 | The SWLing Post

Filter charts Elad SPF Further an interface cable is included, which also handles the power supply. The SW1 software comes with a very effective noise reduction that is second to none.

This allows the demanding radio amateur fdmm-s1 SWL to design filters perfectly matches to his or her requirements. It is not as easy to use as the Perseus software.

FDM-S1 Receiver – Ecommerce ELAD srl

The device offers the base electronics to control up to eight filter boards, the filter boards can be freely selected by the user. That is much easier than with other SDRs. Regarding sensitivity and clarity they a re very fdm-a1.