Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Enter your query like in the example below. My kernel version at that moment was 3. Setting up initramfs-tools 0. While doing the make install, the entire list of wireless modules said it couldn’t be found. These are from a DWA B1 revision. Sign up using Email and Password.

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The sequence dwaa-160 something like this: If I unplug it and replug it it almost always recovers, but it’s a pain to have to always do that. December 7th, 4.

D-Link Technical Support

If you have many USB devices then this is not recommended as it would overwhelm you with information, and you need to find the VID and PID for your particular wireless device.

I then saved the changed to the file, and closed the window. If you get no hits, then the device is probably not supported. I can either start with 3. Use lsusb instead, as in “list USB”. I have seen some posts that the A2 may use the Ralink driver RT but need to be sure.


Results dwa-60 to 10 of But I don’t really want to move it e. Selecting previously unselected package firmware-linux-free. Then post the part of the output for your wireless card. Tim Looks to me like you are using the lspci -k command to accomplish pretty much the same thing as with the lsusb -v command. DWA, rev A2 – my old one – works well with Linux DWA, rev B2 – the new one – doesn’t appear to have support on Linux Maybe it’s not that it’s impossible to get it to work on Linux, as much as it is a difficult task for me.

What chipset does it have? linuux

Setting up initramfs-tools 0. Preparing to replace initramfs-tools 0. A2 OK, where do I get the latest carl driver?

Lihux not very good with Linux. A1 and A2 these are Atheros. So you are telling it to list PCI devices. If you remove it from there, you might not be asked to do the same. It does not say anything about B1 or B2 these are Ralink. I’m thinking that available dependencies and packages on each distro might be different. December 7th, 2. You will need to use the verbose switch to see more details.


Atheros AR9170 devices (carl9170)

June 17th, 9. A2 After a restart, still no luck. If your device is listed as device ID you can use lsusb -v -s to see full details about that device, or only lsusb -v to see full details about all devices.

Will there be a way in the future to reinstall these drivers dwaa-160 the DWA that is much easier and less time consuming? Done The following extra packages will be installed: To find out if this module is loaded you can use the lsmod command.

But just looking at those commands makes my brain cook.

I am new to Linux and I am really trying to embrace Linux, but problems like these are giving me hard time. Samir 2 5