With the right equipment the M leaves nothing to be desired at the time of writing, whereas the price of the high-end equipment quickly clearly exceeds the Send In Your Dell Laptop. DDR3 is not offered for now. Also in terms of graphics and 3D performance the Precision M was equipeed with a very powerful graphics card. Alike the E, also the Precision M has a very robust and rigid case, This optimisation gets, e. The fan stays comfortably quiet in office mode, but can get very loud under load.

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Also the peripheral connectivity and the arrangement of the ports is first-class.

The sound of the two speakers is on low volume rather passable. So, nothing gets in the way of an intensive mobile use of this notebook. Loudspeakers The built-in loudspeakers should be the same than in the Dell Latitude E The speakers suffice undemanding music playback on low volume, but have weaknesses on maximum volume.

For these purposes one might probably also consider the Preciision series, but, this is precisipn designed for gaming.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Not before the load is increased, you have to live with a very loud fan.

OEM Dell Precision M ” LCD Screen Display Replacement TR WUXGA | eBay

Already the Latitude E from Dell could nearly completely convince. Obviously, the system fan is able to ensure a sufficient monltor flow inside. The performance of the M was also good in the fast ego-shooter Unreal Tournament 3. Here the system fan speeds up to its maximum and reaches a maximum noise level of According to Dell, the standard equipment does not include DDR3 modules, because they still cost much and the availability is still limited while the performance gain of the new chips is rather small.


In the performance check with popular 3D visualisation and constructions software the M rates very good. Also the Precision M optionally comes with a keyboard lighting monotor, which is helpful in dim environments. This is also true for the re-designed lid. According to Dell up to two external 30 inch displays with a maximum resolution of x pixels are supported by the Dell Precision M However, also the price of this solution is at its maximum, as the Extreme CPU costs plus We use your Dell service tag to identify which parts were originally shipped with your laptop from Dell.

The fan stays comfortably quiet in office mode, but can get very loud under load. In principal the Precision M is identical in construction, but the available hardware components are optimized for calculation and 3D performance.

Besides an obligatory FireWire port and LAN and audio ports headphones and microphonethe built-in new digital display port belongs to the most nonitor features. This is handy in dimmed rooms as it eases work. The very comfortable tapping convinced, because even when typing slightly more forcefully, the noise stayed low.


This change concerns the display lidwhich now has a silver finish and a wavelike structure. This allows alike an HDMI port or alike a clearly bigger DVI port, connecting an external screen to the notebook at digital transfer quality and it also support high resolutions of especially big displays. In the standard equipment the M also comes with a 6 m4400 lithium-ions battery with a capacity of 56 Wh. Viewing 1 through This is very service-friendly, because components can de,l easily replaced.

Besides the home-made Dell Wireless Except of the type designation the display lid is the only difference of the case compared to the E, which is identical in construction.

Dell Precision M4400 Parts

With an excellent result of points the Dell Precision M gets already close to the Alienware m15x, which so preclsion reigns supreme in the 15 inch notebook class clearly more than points. Only 5 left in stock – order soon.

Only 4 left in stock – order soon. With the right equipment the M leaves prfcision to be desired at the time of writing, whereas the price of the high-end equipment quickly clearly exceeds the The M offers many security features. Also concerning connectivity the Dell Precision M and the Latitude E are virtually identical.