Andyong1 Andyong1 Topic Creator 10 years ago 9 Yes it’s the same for me. For others like me, that have the same problem. I’ve been playing around trying to diagnose the cause of the error so here are my current findings. ORLY ur gfx drivers can get u kicked.. Hola a los servidores, si no es el punkbuster me tira diciendo:

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And it explains why it’s only started happening recently, i. When I start the game and hit refresh servers, it progrqm/driver finishes refreshing and doesn’t list any servers. DannibusX Dec 7, For the record I bought the full game ages ago, but these were files lying around on the filesystem which is why it was important to delete the cod4 folder after uninstalling cod4.

COD4 on Windows 7 kick for disallowed program/driver

I can just reconnect immediately. This has cd4 a common form of hack for years. Cod4 pb kick disallowed program driver. I m afraid if this continues PB block my account.

View More on EA Help. Punkbuster kicks me every minutes while im playing COD4.


I dont have msi afterburner; but I do always have Steam in the background. Tried taking off mouse drivers, keyboard drivers, shutting down all background processes that I could, but kept getting the same errors. Log In Sign Up. Punkbuster kick disallowed program driver cod4. PunkBuster kicked player ‘HassanDePaul’ for 0.

The most recent thing I’ve tried is to backup my player profile, uninstall cod4, then delete the entire disallpwed folder before reinstalling again. Anyways will see how it goes but it looks good so far. This was annoying to track down, as all things Punkbuster are, simply because Even Balance the developers behind PB refuse to SHARE with the community what their error codes program/xriver or what may be causing them to kick non-cheating players. Dort steht das hier “Restriction: EXE file on Even Balance’s website.

Josh New Member Dec 7, Call of Duty 4: Well lucky I have a bought version of the game. Stehlaa PunkBuster kicked player Stehlaa for 0 minutes.

Disallowed Program/Driver 180827

Joined Feb 24, Messages 0. I have this problem all the program/drivr too. Once upon a time they were decent, but they’ve become the porta-potty of the anti-cheat world. Don’t have an account? Can anyone explain whether I should just abandon Origin for life or is there something customers are prevented from knowing and can be fixed?


I deleted an reinstalled punkbuster twice. Unfortunately, Punkbuster recently made aggressive changes to how they view overlays and thus many programs that legitimately use them are now being seen as potential hacks by Punkbuster. Unfortunately, for dedicated players disallowev games like Call of Duty 4 or America’s Army 3, this means the loss of some great software tools. For exactly the reason Cybhound pointed out.

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Cod4 Pb Kick Disallowed Program Driver – thegreen-zip

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Its a real pain trying to get cod 4 to work on this.