I had tried ndiswrapper and it didn’t work, so I was skeptical for this method. When the system has rebooted and I log on, I look at the top-left of the screen, where the clock is located and I see 2 black screens and an exclamation mark! All I had to do was go to Synaptic and download the bcm43xxx cutter the one with the ubuntu logo next to it. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. The last step was to select which network to join using the icon at the top right, and all was good. I have pluged in USB Wifi and done modprobe ndiswrapper as well. This is a great tutorial and I got it to work for me finally.

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It didn’t work for me. Hey, will this work for Kubuntu 7.

The original link is down and i cannot find this anywhere. Hi, I have a Fedora 7 installation on my powerbook G4. But then, I fiddled a bit more in network manager, choosing other networks which didn’t workthen manually connecting, and now it is working.

There voyagsr to be 2 different versions of fwcutter I tried both of them but nothing changed: I just installed 8. Suggest that the Wiki doc gets updated with a Feisty method. One thing that might be of note: Also tried the fwcutter way! I’m getting a result that confuses me a bit.


How can I get BT voyager wireless card working on Ubuntu ? | Yahoo Answers

I am embarrassed to say that the problem was with the settings in my router. After three days, no clear answer, this solution, which I thought would be as fruitless as the countless others, solved my problem.

10665 to update the tail end of this thread, a current link is: Thank you so much for this post. I used the synaptics package manager method, and it voyaber to fetch the firmware, so I did, and it just started working. Linksys WRT54G with bcm chipset. So thanks a lot! Finally I used the bcmwl5. The last step was to select which network to join using the icon at the top right, and all was good. Tha’s probably what I’ll vt up doing, since it did work the first time on the other machine.

Each time I ran synaptic or apt-get, it would attempt to configure the bcm43xx-fwcutter package.


Download bt voyager 1065 laptop adapter

I was able to get my linksys wifi card working at last by following your instructions. Thanks for the help! Thank you lnux sharing your experiences.

TIM I got it work with the latest beta version. I got my wireless card to work by following your instructions.

lismemiper – Download bt voyager laptop adapter

I had to go to manual configuration and change it from roaming mode to dhcp, but once I do that I can’t choose my wired connection from the applet. Thanks for linkx info! Then, you can simply reinstall iptables ps My Broadcom is and I am not able to get my wireless working. But right now, I can see my network but can’t join it. I’m having the same issues and I did the below If so, how do I remove lijux files already installed?

If not then this might not be the solution for you.