Do not buy anything from them. I live in the mountains and thought this would be good until something other than dial up is available in our area. Anonymous We generally don’t have trouble with Virgin Mobile service. I prepaid my account so yesterday when I called again, I said I wanted my money refunded to me via check and this current month should also be because most of the time, you can’t log on the web You may be interested in: How do I do this?

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You would be better having no Internet at all, that way it’s free. They clearly state that you get speeds greater then we get now, they claim you can play online games, and they claim that you can stream videos. We can park near a tower and still have dial up speeds. But here lately i think vm has put into motion a new kind of throttling technique if you will Apr 15, Rating Check Network Connectivity by: I want to change, but in my area there’s not much to choose from.

At some point later I believe Virgin mobile further reduced the monthly download limit to approximately 2. They said we used 5GBs in 15 days. However, for new customers, it’s now 2. My understanding is that existing Broadband2Go customers can continue to use their service, and add money, however, don’t expect any level of customer service.


Virgin Prepaid Broadband2Go Tech Support Problems

Sep 26, Rating Great Details! I was all broarband2go when I received my USB modem yesterday. Now it is worse than ever. I had this broadband installed on my Windows 7 laptop with no trouble back in January, and I loved it.

So thinking, broadbaand2go, lets see what the 2GB plan can do, fully knowing I couldn’t use 2GBs in a month because the service is too slow less the 3G. Anonymous Just let me add my name to the many dissatisfied customers on this page. Although it makes sense that since they’ve discontinued their broadband program, it’s pretty disappointing that they aren’t at least providing consistent service.

PrepaidWirelessGuy If you need to broadband2gi it and try reinstalling, and find that the Windows uninstaller doesn’t work well, you can try Revo Uninstaller; it’s a free app, and I find it works well.

They give all kinds of excuses for this data loss. Often either logging off and logging back on, or reinserting the modem often does restart in EVDO mode.

But can’t make VM Broadband2go u usb stick work.

Windows 8.1 vs Virgin Mobile Broadband2go u600

It broabdand2go like this has been an ongoing problem for a long time now. Refer to the link: Anonymous I hate Virgin Mobile. PrepaidWirelessGuy Thank you for your feedback.


I broadband2goo open to opinions and any suggestions of what to do. And a note to a previous commenter: I tried “topping -up” from a desktop computer on a hardline connection to the virgin website, it has worked in the past.

Virgin Prepaid Broadband2Go Tech Support Problems

We the people, for the people need to take a stand against this type of fraud. Is there anyway to report this because that has to be illegal. Sounds crazy… I need to try it with the card directly connected instead of winodws the Cradlepoint router. I experienced the same thing with Netflix and YouTube.

If it makes it through that, then I’ll be even more convinced that the speed drop helped, or that they have fixed some of their network problems. Elmo In response to my question posted April 26, Broadbad2go have gotten the kinks out and like others have said it is working flawlessly.

Been trying for 3 weeks to get online.