Afatech AF declared as , working as AF View the discussion thread. Clone of yuan-high-tech-stkph but not working yet? Note that you can also use this how to for non-usb devices e. Please don’t add your device here but try to add it to the table above. When downloading it from other sites be sure to scan it for virusses or be really really sure that you can trust the site.

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Supported in kernel since 2.

Digital TV Receiver

The following drivers are needed for these devices:. Hauppauge Nova-TD Stick For installing both just open up a console and enter: You should now be able to watch TV and maybe listen to radio if providedif not check the hints underneath, otherwise have fun! Channels Number channels TV and Radio programmable. If you own one or more devices from the following list and you want to help with support development, please contact the Linux-Media Mailing List LMML.

Channels were found in kaffeine, but when trying to easg in you get a “cannot find demux plugin for MRL You can add this to your service with Directv This is a trustable site where you can download the driver without second thoughts. There’s an older device by almost the same name without the “plus”which is dib7xxx based and works out of the box.


Full DVB-T bandwidth reception. I installed Kaffeine then “Me TV” worked as expected. Skip to main content. Browse Related Browse Related.

How To Everything! – Making DVB-USB-Sticks and other TV cards work with Linux

You’re soliciting help from eawy developers who work on V4L-DVB matters in their spare time, and such work can be non-trivial i. If written that way, an out-of-kernel driver can be written, which fully integrates to udev without the disadvantage of closed source or incompatibility to other drivers.

No additional firmware file is needed. If you need more technical information on ttdt device, have a look at its device specific wiki article if there is one.

If you get no or poor signal on Linux, that’s “normal”. To fix just click on the “Stop” symbol and try scanning again. First version of the driver has been released, look here. Exit by clicking OK. Or buy a device with better support. The driver source can be downloaded from []but be aware it has only be confirmed to work on devices with usb id 14aa: This HowTo describes how to make these devices work in a few steps.


Should be supported soon ub as of june 30 When you see something like “did not find the firmware file” with the firmware filename printed afterwards in brackets write this down, since you’ll need it lateryou have to download this file somewhere and copy it by hand.

Details on development history. Tst software through USB2. The information contained here is likely non-exhaustive and, despite best efforts to do otherwise, may contain errors. If the driver crashes, it won’t crash the system or kernel, only the driver and applications using the driver will be affected. USB usv 0x is confirmed to have tuner mxlt. At least they have a different usb id.

Dogs Contact english deutsch. Same driver may be usable for different Linux versions, depending on what vendor did.