Select the type of the machine from the list. Mark the point on the MG roller which is on the extension line from the needle tip. Paper feed roller b. Back Shifts to the magnification ratio setup menu. Detail The specified server does not correspond during image transmission. Paper size selection for paper feed tray.

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Sharp AR-5127

Normal display 1 to 5 PD sensor detection level 43 Purpose Setting Function Purpose Used to set the fusing temperature in each operation mode. List of adjustment items 2.

Check laser LED lighting. It may cause an injury or an electric shock. AB series Intermediate position L setting screen: Width detection size of the manual feed tray one of them is displayed.

During execution, [EXEC] is lrinter. Disable Job Program Changing Prevents stored programs from being replaced or deleted. Exposure adjustment value table When initializing each data: AB series Maximum position setting screen: C Input value clear key Entry of the number of times OK Shifts to the magnification ration selection screen.


Account Number Control Registers accounts, deletes accounts or changes an account number. L8 01 Content Zero cross detection error Details The zero cross signal is not detected.

When, however, there are some SRAM data in the expanded memory, it must not be cleared. If too dark, decrease the quantity displayed on the copy quantity display. Paper exit direction La: If no adjustment is made because of an abnormality, “” is displayed.

Sharp Digital Laser Copier/Printer AR User Manual | 94 pages

At that time, if the front frame side and the rear frame side of No. With the same position as the reference, the SPF scan position is automatically adjusted.

Paper may get sr and form dews inside the prjnter, causing paper jam or copy dirt. TRAY1 1st cassette Tray selection: TEXT Character 5 — 3: Pressing the [CLEAR] key during the operation clears the input value and returns to the value input menu. The entered value is set for the specified mode, and the self print is made with the same magnification ratio for the mode. If they are not identical, reading cannot be performed. AE AE 3 —V 2: Warning for servicing 1 Be sure to connect the power cord only to ag power outlet that meets the specified voltage and current requirements.


Cause Side guide plate drive motor abnormality Side guide plate home position sensor abnormality Check and remedy Use SIM to check the side guide plate motor operation. Back Shifts to the magnification ratio setup menu. SIDE2 Back original scan start position set printrr 50 3: The detection output level of each sensor is displayed in real time.

Sharp Digital Laser Copier Printer Ar 5127

OC mode in copying Note: Check the priter switch. For this operation, the protocol monitor of one communication is always buffered. Shading is performed to turn on the copy LED. The volume of call sound follows the soft SW.