Viewing angles were also good on the AOC as you can see in the gallery below. Log in Don’t have an account? I’ll refer to the screen as the i throughout the review to avoid confusion. A camera was used to capture the result. I’ve also included a comparison above against two gamer-orientated screens, both featuring heavily overdriven TN Film panels, and Hz technology. A reasonable performance in terms of default colour accuracy from the i and only a little behind most of the competition really. Cyber Monday Newegg deals:

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However we found that screen uniformity left a lot to be desired, as obvious bleeding of light from the edges was visible during black screen tests. As in the case with all AOC monitors, the iPh comes with a three-year warranty.

It was also a shame not to feature DisplayPort which is increasingly popular as an interface. The screen felt pretty even to the naked eye but was overly bright at these default settings. This alc available no matter which colour temperature preset you are in.

This aocc a result of the FRC algorithm used to produce the I also wanted to test the default performance of woc couple of other preset modes. Sadly there is no height, pivot or rotate adjustments available. Actuation and response time for the buttons is excellent, with the actions of your results instantly reflected on screen. The screen is designed to run at its native resolution of x and at a 60Hz recommended refresh rate.

While it might have varying degrees of accuracy, I will say that this method has been used for many years by many sources qoc although there is likely a varying degree of error introduced in this method, it can still allow you to give a ao comparison between displays. The OSD menu is accessed via the touch sensitive buttons on the top of the base as shown.


You can ac that the gamma was ever so slightly higher in darker tones than the target, and ever so slightly lower in the lighter tones but this did average out to 2. This gave us a static contrast ratio of Text appeared crisp and easy to read, even when minimized to 5.

This is a shame since the rest of the panel showed very little leakage in this test. In standby the screen uses only 0. This should not be confused with pixel response time which describes the speed at which a pixel can change from one orientation to another. Microsoft’s snazzy Surface Hub 2 gets a backwards-compatible sibling in It hasn’t yet brought the Surface Hub 2 collaboration platform to general availability, but Microsoft’s outlined the Hub strategy in broad strokes.

23353 is only a guide of the uniformity of the sample screen we have for review.

AOC iPh inch LED IPS Monitor Reviewed

I’ve become increasingly interested in larger PC monitors as of late, first because my two Samsung monitors have started to fade, and second because, believe it or not, many PC aox are actually better than current HDTVs. These are useful for connecting external devices like cameras and printers and it was a shame there were none available. The lightest shades dropped down to 1.

The base has illuminated soft-touch controls, and can tilt to transform into a sleek wall mount VESA standardallowing the panel to seemingly float in space. The luminance was too high as normal, but not hard to change and the backlight range was good. Click for larger versions The tilt range is shown above.


AOC i2353Ph

It’s not that the iPh can’t be wall-mounted ; it can, but you’ll be forced to attach any third-party wall mount to the base, rather than to the back of the aov. We did not want to completely remove this section since I know it is useful to many readers and it would be missed.

Monitors, on the other hand, can be had in resolutions greater than p, are often bit or higher in terms of their color woc, and can display larger color spaces, such as RGB or even DCI. This is quite stiff though and difficult to move, partly because of its thin arm and light base. It would have been nice to see height, pivot and rotate available from the stand which can be useful zoc office situations.

Monitor Panel Parts Database.

Any dynamic contrast ratio controls are turned off here if present. Running the iPh through our standard calibration tests, 235 got a better sense of what the hardware is capable of. From a normal line of sight you can see this purple glow towards the corners of the screen as you view from head on, but it is not too bad.

HP Passport nm Internet Monitor. It’s not as if the monitor was somehow black and white or dull, it’s just on par with every other HD display or monitor I’ve seen.