If you look at the number of integrated features Jetway has included, you have to confess that the layout is a nice piece of work. The overclocking gave a couple of extra hundred 3DMarks and also a whole lot of extra memory bandwidth. If we put the accessories aside for a while and take a look on the features instead, it looks better. This is easily done by setting Hardware Strap on low, and choose 3: The accessories package is in the poorest state and we think that we should at least have gotten two ATA flat cables instead of just one. Even the AGP voltage is adjustable and the values for it is between 1.

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Just as in the earlier tests the differences between the boards are very small. And what is one of the basic demands for good overclocking potential? The margins decrease even further in the Comanche demo.

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The AGP voltage can also be adjusted, but here we only get to choose between 1. In the section PC Health we can monitor temperatures and voltages. If we put the accessories aside for a while and take a look on the features instead, it looks better.

Regardless of which board you choose based on PE the performance will be very good. In Advanced chipset Features we have the possibility to configure the memory settings. The memory timings used were on all boards to get a fair comparision. The serie 1 bar shows the Integer Stream performance while serie 2 shows the Float Stream performance.


The PCB is in black and silver to show the consumers that this is a “limited edition” board.

i845PE Roundup

The card should work very well with most of us except maybe the more extreme overclockers, making Jetway Alioth PE a pretty decent all-around card. We would like to see this at other boards as well. The Northbridge has a passive cooling in the shape of an aluminium heatsink and the contact between the Northbridge and the heatsink is improved by a thermal pad TIM.


File compression mainly depends on the memory bandwidth and because every motherboard is build around the same chipset, the memory management is quite the same. That is definitely enough and also leaves the opportunity for overclocking forthcoming MHz FSB processor, which this board is said to support.

So far the Springdale and Canterwood has been released but not yet reached the market and the selection of Granite Bay mainboards is small, and the price is high which gives the PE a little of a golden position on the market. On the picture below to the right you see the white Floppy connections and also the extra IDE channel, controlled by the Promise circuit. The board performing best is placed topmost in all diagrams and is outlined in black. With Springdale and Canterwood coming up it is a little hard to recommend an PE as the performance of the new boards will be a lot better, but if you can not wait you should go for the PE.

The differences are as expected very small. When buying one of these boards, instead of concentrating on performance figures it is the bundle and number of options in BIOS that decides which one to get. Just as with the other cards the magic number here was 3.


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We have contacted Abit about xlioth and we will update the review as soon as we get a new board. Slightly disappointed after our first overclocking test, we were hoping to compensate this by reaching MHz FSB. Something very irritating is the bad placement of the 12V contact. The ATX-contact is placed on the upper right corner of the board. The 12v contact is situated so you have to twist it around very much to avoid it getting in the CPU fan. We compare the price to similar products and also the availability among retailers.

The last detail among the accessories is a 4 channel soundcard from CMedia. These zlioth the topmost results for all boards and we have ranked them according to their performance during this test. There are two USB 2. This makes both installation and organizing the cables a lot easier. These two things is the only mistakes the Abit technician have made, which is very good.

We look at the amount and usability of included accessories and integrated features.