It seems that PING knew the stripes would be quite talked about positively and negatively and made sure to do their research on how to try and balance the appeasement of both sides, which was a savvy move. WCBM March 18, – 8: The stripes match the width of a golf ball, and when placed behind a ball at address they help players align to their target as well as ensuring they take the driver bath on the proper path. Hamish April 2, – 9: I read many reviews on this shaft and was thinking it was too much shaft for my fast tempo. Will definitely give this one a try. The shaft is very stable, mid launch, penetrates wind and is giving some roll.

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Time spent on the course showed that the stripes do give an effective indicator of alignment without being distracting.

By continuing browsing this site you accept our cookies policy. Much of the attention on the i25 will be focused on the look of the crown and Ping’s new, patented racing stripes. I was really excited to see it go right where I aimed the stripes.

Drivers Ping — The i25 Driver: Why a Ping putter fitting can boost your game. Installed a Fijikura Fuel Tour Spec 60x Playing partners, team members, important sponsors, ….

More adjustable, more forgiving and more sporty February 6, — We introduce you the last Ping driver in the market.


The PWR shafts come in three series options, the 55, 65, and The ball rockets off the face with the other 3 having jaw drops and bulgy eyes! It is compact and extremely light, because the sleeve is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and the screw is made from titanium.

Ping i25 driver | Golfweek

Some say this is not the longest in this report above…I disagree! I wish Ping would put those stripes on a G25 version. I had limited time on the sim with this one but absolutely loved it. You may also like. While the G25 driver has solid feel it is more hollow felling than the i The sound is that perfect mix between crack and muted metal.

Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. The weight screw that is positioned between the two tungsten weight pads is not adjustable. By The Numbers 12hr ago Future of golf: They are not purely aesthetic so that the TV viewers can see which driver a pro is playing, but they serve as alignment aids.

Better players who liked to work the ball went with an i-Series driver. The Ping i25 is in the i-series heritage with low spin, tungsten rear weighting and solid muted sound.

Click on each picture for larger image. Though not as adjustable as the other setups on the market, PING had a different approach adjustlng.


In photos, I was a bit put off, but at address they are quite helpful.

In fact, the fact that the stripes are simply a darker tone than the head itself and the matte finish goes a long way towards achieving a much more subdued look than the pictures let on.

I think the You can miss the center of the face a little and there is little ball speed, distance or accuracy lost. It is not the first driver to have crown graphics, but I think in true Ping adjustign, the stripes are done in a subtle but obvious way. I was wondering what the blank setting on the adapter is??

Ping i25 driver

With his background in education James seeks to broaden his own knowledge while also sharing it with all those who share his passion for the game. I have owned the G25 and its was very nice with a huge sweet spot. The i25 has five more grams of tungsten than the i20 was given, so it i2 a higher moment of inertia MOIwhich makes it more forgiving.

Odyssey Red Ball Putter November 19,